hilary crosby for state party controller 2009



When I'm controller, you will!

I'll give our grass roots activists a seat at the table

I'll work with our staff to get credible financial information from our financial records.

Why is it that anyone with an internet connection and some time can put together a pretty coherent picture of the CDPs donors and expenditures based on our publically available FEC and FPPC reports, while we're in the dark about our financial position and our actual revenues and expenses?

We need comprehensible and comprehensive financial reports. Currently, our financial business is the subject of gossip or speculation - gossip and speculation fueled by newspaper coverage of information culled from our public filings, spun by newspaper editors who know scandal sells newspapers.

We need to know the REAL story - it's our story; let's take it back. Our story should be told by a credible professional - and that's me, Hilary Crosby, CPA.

I will make the finance committee accountable to you - the grass roots engine of the CA Dem Party.

Our financial information should not be sensationalized in the newspapers - it's a valuable tool for evaluating our past efforts and planning our future. Financial reports can answer important questions:

  • Can we get our endorsement cards to counties before the absentee ballots are mailed?
  • How much money has been raised for the 58 county plan? How has it been spent?
  • Was the 58 county helpful in the last election?

How can we ask our friends to give money to this organization if we can't answer basic questions?

Our finance committee needs subcommittees - fundraising, budgeting, cash flow management, and did I say fundraising? What do you want from the finance committee? Let's do it!

Our finance committee can be our vehicle to keeping us on track with our plans and goals. I'm someone who can organize the finance committee members, help the sub committees develop job descriptions.

We also need some training - let's sponsor some fundraising trainings, not just for the finance committee, for anyone who's trying to raise money for our party and our central committees.

There should be a synergy between the budgets, the actual spending, and fundraising. I can get that started.

I will cohere our county and club treasurers into a network of mentors so we can respond to the needs of the grass roots.

We can problem solve methods to make sure our county central committees can meet the reporting requirements of the FEC and FPPC, and develop budgets and fundraising.

Our county treasurers need someone to respond to their questions, refer them to information, brainstorm and collective solutions to reporting problems and develop the budgets and systems to maximize their ability to use funds from the 58 County Plan.

I'm a certified public accountant; I've worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations, attended countless finance committee meetings in organizations large and small. I want to put my knowledge and experience to work for us so we can build strong foundations to ELECT DEMOCRATS in every county in California.

My firm, Crosby & Kaneda, works exclusively with non profit organizations. I have worked with boards, finance staffs, and finance committees of organizations active in environmental justice, labor, faith, the arts, and - let me say it - community organizing.

Let me bring that experience into our party - let's make our finance committee, our county central committees, and our party activists as well-informed as the leading justice and environmental organizations. Let's not allow the newspapers and the Republicans say how we raise and spend our money - it's our story, let's tell it ourselves!

Together we can make sure that our grassroots activists are equipped to meet the extraordinary challenges we face.